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Sep 28, 2020

In which HPL writes to one of his revision clients, Adolphe Danziger de Castro. Lovecraft's frayed nerves cause him to decline taking on future revisions for de Castro, but he enthusiastically discusses Jesus as a historical figure among other topics.

Sep 21, 2020

In which, following a disastrous experience of living in New York, Lovecraft celebrates his homecoming to his beloved Providence. Hear an emotional HPL sing the praises of a return to the place he loved most.

Sep 14, 2020

In which HPL writes to R.H. Barlow, who will go on to be his literary executor. This letter shines a light on why Lovecraft might have selected him for the job, as young Mr. Barlow is already at work protecting HPL's legacy.

Here's the strange sigil with which HPL signed this letter:

HPL monogram

Sep 7, 2020

In which HPL tells his friends Kleiner and Moe of his early encounters with Madame Greene (who will go on to become Mrs. Lovecraft). Is HPL the leading man in a romantic comedy or is he merely a Providence tour guide caught up in forces beyond his control?