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Jan 27, 2020

In which HPL upbraids, chides and spanks his poor young friend Frank Belknap Long about weird literature (and several other topics to boot!). The first of a four part series which documents one of HPL's longest and most broad-ranging letters.

CORRECTION: Andrew was in error in this episode when he said that all of the letters from HPL to Frank Belknap Long have been lost. While it's true that no one seems to know the location of any letters written after 1931, there is a fabulous trove of letters written from 1920 until 1931 currently in the hands of a private collector. If you happen to have $150,000 to spare, you could buy them! (If so, you might consider donating them to the John Hay Library at Brown University.) Special thanks to HPLHS member Kevin Miller for pointing this out to us.